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What is so special about bio.k. products?

The raw materials we use are sourced from 100% renewable and unlimited resources. We do NOT use materials based on crude oil in any shape or form in these products.

„naturally natural!“

What is the average quantity of renewable raw materials used in bio.k. products and are these biodegradable?

The average quantity of renewable raw materials is >90%. The remaining <10% consist of raw materials NOT based on mineral oil and are 100% biodegradable like the entire product.

Which "renewable raw materials" are used?

The largest portion of these renewable raw materials is sourced from sugar beet or sugar cane. Other ingredients are sourced from the leaves of the carnauba palm and from wood. You will know carnauba wax as coating for sweets, and lignin, derived from wood, is a recyclable waste product from paper production.

Are the colours based on mineral oil?

No! In collaboration with a number of masterbatch manufacturers colours were developed that contain NO ingredients based mineral oil.

Does the use of renewable raw materials undermine the production of foodstuff?

No, it doesn't. According to a study of the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations) in 2008, less than 0,1% of agricultural areas are used for the production of the renewable raw materials that we use to produce bio.k. bio-plastics.